December 23, 2020

Coming Out As An Adult (with Dr. James Simmons)

Coming out as LGBTQA+ is tough at any age, but it’s especially tough for LGBTQA+ adults who are now exploring a new dating pool. Dr. James Simmons helps Natasha Chandel and Aisha Holden (who publicly […]
December 16, 2020

#TBT: Holidays and Holidates (with Leah Knauer)

From November 2018: The holidays can be a great time, but also extremely stressful whether you’re single or booed up. Which is why Leah Knauer, comedian and Basic Witches podcast host, sits with Natasha Chandel […]
December 16, 2020

The Science of Attraction (with Amy Chan)

Why are you attracted to the same types of people? Amy Chan, author of “Breakup Bootcamp – The Science of Rewiring Your Heart” is back with Natasha Chandel and Aisha Holden to share the science […]
December 16, 2020

Gen Z On Love And Dating (with Brooke Sorenson and Fabrizio Guido)

What’s love like for Gen Z? Brooke Sorenson and Fabrizio Guido, stars of Netflix’s “Mr. Iglesias” have a candid convo with Natasha Chandel and Aisha Holden about dating for their generation. What does a good […]