Single Life

January 22, 2019

#82 The Power of Happiness (with Coach Rob Mack)

Dating is hard because we put our happiness in other people’s hands. Happiness coach, Rob Mack, and author of “Happiness From The Inside Out” is back with Natasha Chandel to talk about finding that real […]
January 22, 2019

Self Love and Why S/He Left (MINI EPISODE)

It’s officially a new year, and for 2019 Natasha Chandel and Aisha Holden want you to learn to love yourself! While you’re reeling over why s/he left the relationship, a question the girls answer, they […]
March 19, 2019
kinda dating three girls smiling

#94 Embracing Single Life (with Candy Washington)

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you don’t have a date, but does life really suck because of that?! Actress, host, author Candy Washington, Natasha Chandel and Aisha Holden say NOT AT ALL! The three […]
March 22, 2019

#98 Handling The Pressures of Dating (with Teeshay)

When to text? Should you be exclusive? Is it too soon to drop the “L” word? We can all agree that there is a lot of pressure around dating. Actor, host, director Teeshay joins Natasha […]