A comedy dating podcast where dating expert and comedian, Natasha Chandel, and influential guests break down the modern dating world and try to figure out why the f**k we all have commitment issues. It is a lighthearted podcast that often gets deep.

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Kinda Dating is the best damn dating podcast for Millennials and Gen Zers.

๐Ÿ™Œ Yeah, we said it.

We take great pride in having real, authentic, fun conversations with our guests. A wholly independent podcast (no network or nothinโ€™), weโ€™ve placed in Top 25 of Appleโ€™s Relationship Charts, Appleโ€™s New & Noteworthy, and playlists on Spotify. With evergreen topics, thereโ€™s an episode for everyone! Take a listen!

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We know it seems tough out there... but just try!

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